Website Design

So you've decided to setup or re-vamp your biggest marketing tool, your website. Congratulations!

First and foremost, never lose sight that this is your on-line sales person.  You may not be able to afford a full-time sales person, but a properly designed and advertised website will almost be guaranteed to bring in sales, thereby paying for the website itself.

So who do you want to attract to your website? What do you see as the main purpose (ie. Is it primarily informational, promotional, a portal for orders)? Remember, you have (or will soon have) at least two main groups of people to address - new potential customers and existing customers. Your website should address the needs of both.  

We work together with you to determine these needs, while at the same time working within your budget.  How can you prepare for this first meeting with us? Put yourself in the shoes of a new customer, go to your competition's websites. Write down your likes and dislikes and note the website addresses.  If you're having troubles backing out of your own shoes, use something that you would really like to purchase for yourself in the near future, and research it - see what you can find on those websites. Now, how was that experience as a consumer? Positive or frustrating?

Let's talk about it, give us a call or e-mail us today.  Yes, today, while you're ready - you're not signing a contract up front so don't fear!